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Cruising Fun

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Small tidbits of interest

With carnival you are considered a minor under the age of 21 unless you are married.  If you have minor children going with you and you and both parents are not going you must have a notarized statement from the other parent giving permission for you to take the child on the cruise and out of the Country.  If you are taking a minor that is not your child then you also will need a certified letter with both parents signature on it.  If one parent is deceased it is recommended to bring a copy of the death certificate.
If you are pregnant you will have to have a note from your doctor and you CANNOT be in your 24 week on the cruise.  24 week is their cut off date for this.  They have been known to deny boarding if there is no letter of your condition with the date on it.

A bad day at sea is better then a good day at work!