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Cruising Fun

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Tips for on the ship

Tips for on the ship:


  1. Don't miss the Captains party.  This is usually on formal night before dinner.
  2. Try room service AT LEAST ONCE.... remember it's free and 24/7 OMG THE BLT’S ARE TO DIE FOR but enough bacon to do 2 or 3 sandwiches.  Or at least the ones we had.
  3. Dressing up for formal nights it is worth it!  The photo ops are wonderful and so much fun.  John does not do a tux just dress pants, and nice shirt.  I usually do a pantsuit.
  4. If you like trivia, do some of the trivia contests. They do them several times every day with different topics and give away little souvenir gifts mostly but SOMETIMES bigger prizes like spa giveaways. etc
  6. Get cameras ready when the lights dim in the main dining room.... singing and dancing waiters usually are about to appear.
  7. Yes, dish out the 0.75$ per minute to email SOMEBODY who isn't on the cruise with you to HARASS them about the fact that you are cruising and THEY AREN'T!! The least expensive way to do this is to set up your email to insert everyone's name in one email and with one click and a couple of minutes it goes out to everyone you want it to. The emails you'll have when you get home from your friends will crack you up!  You can share this time with others on the cruise with you just share the fees if you think you won’t use all your minutes.
  8. If you like to have a good time and do things spur of the moment, look or listen for them to announce the over 21-midnight bathrobe and blue margarita party. It's sometimes for anyone over 21 with a bathrobe BUT sometimes it's an invitation only party to those with deluxe balcony cabins, suites or penthouses where carnival bathrobes are there for your use already. It's tons of fun and can run well into the night. Music is great without a lot of younger adults! Can be one of the best parties of the week! Many ships are changing this and doing the same type of party but open to everyone!
  9. Skip the carnival shopping lady speeches each morning unless you are a die-hard shopper on and off the boat.  IT WILL BE REPEATED ON YOUR TV.  John likes these things for some reason.
  10. If you don't go into the port one day OR if you come back early, MAKE SURE and grab you a seat on port side if possible for the fun of seeing drunk people try and board a ship. Listen for roll call of passengers not yet back and join in the applause and yelling (sometimes from multiple ships) when one of the last people crawl or stumble and make it back to the ship before it leaves them.  IF YOU ARE WITH OUR GROUP WE WILL NOT KNOW YOU FOR THE REST OF THE CRUISE.  LOL CAMERA’S are great black mail opportunities.
  11. Most shows and comedians are good. Be leery of magicians unless you're really into it. Really think about and screen which shows you want to go see.  Some are very adult orientated.
  12. Remember that they do 2 of each show each night. The later show tends to be a more adult version.
  13. DO NOT MISS the midnight Gala buffet and DON'T FORGET to go the hour prior to eating so you can do the viewing and picture taking portion of it. It is unbelievable
  14. The FUNNEL DECK NOT a topless deck on all ships! There is an adults area on most ships but not topless.  It will state if topless.
  15. Bingo is fun if you don’t play it is even fun to watch some of the people really get into these sometimes. Cards cost $10 for 1 card or $20 for a set of 3 cards and they only play 1 GAME PER DAY. If you win, you win big. If not, you lose 10-20 dollars or more in 5 minutes.  I had a dream for a week straight about 7’s tried the casino.  NOPE that wasn’t the dream so I played the 7th game of bingo on the ship that trip, purchased the 7th set of 3 cards, and won a pot of $700.00 BUT someone else did also so we had to split it.  I sure was glad the 7 things stopped there because I really would have been mad if I had to share with 7 different people.  It was bad enough that John thought I had to share with him.
  16. See an art auction if you like art but beware of actually buying unless you really know something about art OR if you're willing to buy what you like regardless of the value of the art. Sometimes they give away free art prizes. If you collect art and know it pretty well, you can get some beautiful pieces.  I LOVE THOMAS KINKADE and they gave away his art both times I attended of course I didn’t win them.
  17. The casino has a $250 day limit on credit card unless you are considered a high roller. You can also join carnivals casino ocean club if you plan on playing a lot. You don't tend to see big winners on slot machines but do sometimes in others games like poker. To join the Ocean Players Club is free.  I AM A SORE LOSER SO NICKEL SLOTS FOR ME.  YOU MUST HAVE CASH FOR CASINO.
  18. Beware of FUN21. This is a type of blackjack very different from normal, less face cards and you have to adjust your entire way of playing unless you are already good at it.
  19. There is a laundry facility on various decks but it only has a few machines of each and costs $5 a load total.
  20. You can get free post cards at the purser’s desk. They also have stamps there.
  21. If you feel seasick and didn't bring anything, go to the purser’s desk and ask for some. They are free. If you buy them in the ships gift shop, you'll pay about $6.
  22. Decks of cards with Carnivals logo on them are available at the pursers desk and are usually free (although this seems to be one of those inconsistent stories between sailings)
  23. DO NOT bet on the horse race if your cruise has this on the itinerary.  You are on a ship.
  24. DO NOT use your S&S card to open your safe in your room. It can demagnetize it and you'll have to have the purser reprogram it for you.
  25. On port days, if you stay on ship, watch for LOTS of specials like half price happy hours, half price spa treatments, etc....remember, they want you to stay on board and spend money there!
  26. As you leave your cabin on the last day, remember NOT to lock the safe back because the safes are opened by a card with a magnetic back individualized so if you lock it, they won't have your card to reopen it.  The steward would have to go downstairs to get the master key.  A waste of his/her time for the next people boarding.
  27. Make sure and use a magnetic card that you don't mind messing up for the safe in case it becomes non-usable after the trip.
  28. Try and walk the entire length of the ship on day 1 to orient yourself
  29. Conference room is also good for reading
  30. The library has very limited books
  31. People are allowed to smoke in different areas so be prepared. They are making more areas smoke free. If you chew please throw your cups/bottles whatever that nasty stuff is in away.
  32. Remember, you have a lot of people on a really big ship. At some point, you'll see someone be rude to you or cut in line or one of a million other be prepared and don't over react.
  33. Tea times can be really nice----but they are usually are in small print on the itinerary.
  35. BE PREPARED TO HAVE YOUR PICTURES MADE EVERY 5 SECONDS BY SHIP PHOTOGRAPHERS. It goes with the cruise people!!  You don’t have to buy but you know.  If you like a background and there are no photographers around get some one to take your picture.  If you have to do it with a photographer have someone in the group stand behind the photographer and take the picture also.  It is cheaper that way.
  36. Don't feel pressured into buying a lot of expensive pictures. If you really want one, buy an 8x10 that's really good, take it home and make smaller versions on your computer. BUT, do let them take a bunch of you! I hate pictures of myself but my DH and I found several that were really good! But also, don't deny yourself buying pictures you really like
  37. Look for the "secret door". On all carnival ships, somewhere there is a secret door which usually leads to an outside deck at the very front of the ship which is unmarked or marked crew only on one of the floors. It's often a great way to see the view from the very front but is also very private. Great for that moonlight kiss too...however... Take a jacket and be prepared if you think you've found it because if the ship is moving, the wind on this deck can almost take you off your feet.
  38. One of the most beautiful views is from the fitness area. Also remember, there is a hot tub in the spa/fitness area so take advantage of it.
  39. If you are planning to use the spa, do the spa tour to get the discount, book early, verify price when you go for your appt and ask them not to try and sell you anything while having the massage
  40. Four people you need to know, the captain, the cruise director, the manager & me.  I will be spending my 40th birthday on this cruise.  Actually the day we go down. 
  41. If you win in the casino, expect to fill out a W2G
  42. Check out the shops. They often have items under $10
  43. Place pins or something on beach towels to discourage people from trying to pick up and walk away with your towel. Or embroidery on them, or have strange ones. Starsky and Hutch beach towel would properly be safe!
You can get free lanyards at the purser’s desk.  BUT they go fast.

A bad day at sea is better then a good day at work!