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Cruising Fun

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Additional packing info

Additional packing tips:


1.    Tie a bright ribbon, bandana or other item to your luggage handles to help distinguish yours from thousands of others when the trip is over. Also, TAKE THIS HINT SERIOUSLY!

2.    Don't forget your toothpaste, etc. There will be stuff like this in your cabin but it's sample size so not enough for a couple for an entire week.

3.    If you are a couple, don't put all his clothes in one suitcase and yours in another. Split them up! That way, if a bag gets lost, you'll both still have clothes.

4.    Make sure to take a light jacket and something you can put over a formal outfit and possibly a sweatshirt. While your cabin should be comfortable, the bigger areas such as the main dining room and show lounges are usually VERY be prepared.

5.    Bringing mp3 players or personal DVD players isn't a bad idea especially for laying out on the deck if you want to drown out the sounds around you.

6.    Computers are usually safe to bring however, it can run into money if you use it a lot on board even if it's your own for internet.

7.    Pack carry off bag the night before leaving the cabin make sure you add clothing to wear off the ship

8.    Put anything that may leak in zip lock bags

9.    As clothes become dirty, go ahead and pack them each night into one of your suitcases

10.                       Check inside of your luggage for water proofness and if it isn't waterproof, spray it with a waterproof solution.  I spray my outside of the suitcase with waterproofer as well.

11.                       Double tag luggage if possible

12.                       Put a copy of what is in EACH bag into each bag

13.                       Pack things inside of things

14.                       Do not keep jewelry, medications, medical equipment, or cameras in checked baggage.  Carry it on.

15.                       The safe in your room isn't big enough to put a laptop in it but it fits very well on top of the safe and the door closes. Out of site, out of mind.

16.                       If you buy a picture and then get it home and wish you had bought more and aren't computer savvy, have a photo company, call yourself and contact carnival and carnival will send or fax a release to allow you to have the photos copied

17.                       There will be a little book in your cabin that is hardback about the ship. If you ask your steward it is free and you can have a nice souvenir from your trip

18.                       You can go to the purser’s desk the night before the end of your trip and settle your account in cash or travelers checks if you prefer to keep it from being added to your credit card later.  Or you can use cash or travelers checks from the beginning and they will let you know when you are getting low on funds or you can check your account on the TV.  They will slip you a check under your door on the last night if you have money left.

19.                       Remember, that some hot tubs may have seawater in it and will bleach out some colors and materials easily. Use this to determine what kind of swimwear you choose to bring.

20.                       On port days, the casino is closed as well as some shops. Most pools, fitness, spa and food areas are open but may close earlier than normal if times apply. On board scheduled activities are usually lighter.

21.                       Don't forget that you can check your charges that are being added to your S&S card every day in your cabin on your TV.

22.                       Limited movies are available in your room. Some are free and some are on demand (pay).  BUT.  Remember your laptop may play DVD’s

23.                       Work time into your schedule to rest. Keep in mind that between the millions of things you can do on the ship, the millions of things to do in ports and the late night parties and shows, you will be tired. Many people who have late seating for dinner for that a rest period around 4 or 5 breaks up the day nicely. They can get up early, do lots of things, rest, go to the late dinner and then do the late night shows, parties or dancing

24.                       Avoid using a debit card for your ship & sail account. Because of holds and the way debit cards work, you often get double charged when you first leave the ship. Once the hold is cleared, the second amount is cleared off but unless you keep a really high balance in that account, it can through you way off with available cash for a few days

25.                       Make sure your bank or credit card companies are aware of your plans to travel. Many of them have daily limits for your protection. If you spend a lot on one day, it may cause them alarm that someone has gotten into your account

26.                       It's a long ship, be prepared for lots of walking

27.                       Order of embarktion, check in, go through security, photo so look cute, get on boat

28.                       Fill out those comment cards

29.                       Take pictures of your cabin BEFORE going in and setting all your stuff

30.                       Sea bands, bonine, ginger pills, phenergan, nausea patches, peppermint candy, dramamine, sucking of orange, lime or lemon and taking walks in the fresh air will all help with sea sickness

31.                       The pursers desk is usually open 24/7

32.                       Have documents out and ready including your picture ID

33.                       At the port, $1 per bag is usual tip

34.                       Passports are required.

35.                       Trip insurance is worth it just for peace of mind.  If you think you have to cancel for some reason.

36.                       YOU plan the itinerary, not the other way around.  Just because we are going as a group does not mean we have to do everything as a group.

37.                       Make index cards or business cards to give to new friends only include your email address the begin with until you get to know them better.  Better save then sorry.

38.                       Make copies of your passports, birth certificates, driver's license & credit cards to have at home in case you lose something.  I always take a copy with me as well.

39.                       Fill out all paperwork PRIOR to embarkation lines

40.                       When going to embark, keep in mind that there are several thousand people trying to do the same embarking so be patient. The workers are doing the best they can. 

41.                       Prior to cruising, go to Carnival's site, pull up the layout of the ship and make yourself familiar with the deck plans. This way when you get on the ship, you basically already know your way around. (Example: on our recent cruise, I knew the deck plans by heart from studying the pictures for just a little time a couple of evenings. We were able to steer our way around the various decks as if we'd been there a million times)

  1. When getting off the ship the last day you can take all of your own bags off instead of sitting them out at night and then having to wait for your deck to be called.

A bad day at sea is better then a good day at work!