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Cruising Fun

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Packing Ideas

The bag you need for the hotel make it separate then the one for the ship for your convenience.  Make it something you can hide when your vehicle is parked to detour temptation.


Although there are no limit set by Carnival on the amount of luggage you may bring (so long as it fits in your stateroom), if your travel plans involve air transportation, you may want to check with the airlines since the carrier may have restrictions. 

Each piece of luggage must be locked (once you get to the terminal) and have a colored bag tag listing the guest's name, ship and stateroom number.  Bag tags are mailed with cruise documents and additional tags can be obtained at curbside from the porter, if necessary. 

Since the delivery of checked bags may take some time to reach your stateroom, you may elect to bring your own bags on board if they do not exceed 24''w x 16''h (there is no restriction on the length of the bag). Additionally, we highly recommend that guests personally carry any boarding documentation (passports, visas, I.D.), valuables, medications, and items which require special handling on and off the vessel. This advantage will ensure prompt and easy access to your baggage. Please note that Carnival assumes no responsibility for carry-on baggage.

Alternatively, curbside porters are available at the pier to take baggage to the vessel for delivery by shipboard personnel to your stateroom*. Customary tip is $1 per bag. Curbside porters are not employees of Carnival; therefore, if you experience any problems, please report them to porter management on site. Any luggage left at the pier will be forwarded at your expense. Claims for luggage loss or damage must be made in writing to the embarkation personnel prior to leaving the pier area.

Debarkation Baggage Advice – In order to be cleared off the vessel shortly after arrival in the home port, in most of our ports, guests have the option of participating in our Self-Assist Debark program if they elect to carry off their own luggage.  Please note that you should consider the size of your bag and whether it can safely be maneuvered through stairs, hallways and escalators.   

Alternatively, guests can place their luggage outside their stateroom door on the last night of the cruise by 1:00am to be collected and stored in a holding area. Upon arrival at the port of debarkation, the luggage is unloaded and separated (by bag tag color) in the baggage claim area of the terminal. The guests must personally locate their luggage and either carry it out or seek the assistance of a porter. The customary tip is $1.00 per bag.  

Every attempt is made to disembark guests in an orderly fashion so it is important that guests pay close attention to announcements on the morning of arrival so they know in what order to proceed ashore.


You want to have a carry on bag since it can take several hours for checked luggage to make it to your cabin. Here are some ideas that you could put in it.

1.   An outfit for dinner if you're changing (most don't the first night)

2.   All documents (passports, cruise docs, etc)

3.   All medicines (mainly prescriptions but others if you think it's needed)

4.   Bathing suit if you plan on swimming ASAP

5.   Sun tan lotion

6.   Light jacket (sail away can be cool)

7.   Camera, extra memory cards, extra batteries

8.   Make up

9.   Brush/comb

10.                     Deodorant

11.                     Toothbrush and past

12.                       Cologne/aftershave (to freshen up a bit)

There are size requirements of the carry on listed on Carnivals site but most things fit. People bring some large carry on’s 24''w x 16''h on side(there are no restriction on the length of the bag).  Just so long as it fits through the security screener.



2.       Bathing Suit

3.       Cover up for bathing suit

4.       Underwear

5.       Socks

6.       Pajamas

7.       Nylons/knee highs

8.       Tennis shoes

9.       Sandals

10.   Water shoes

11.   Small purse

12.   Dress shoes

13.   Jewelry/Watch

14.   Belt

15.   Outfits for evenings (casual) keep in mind that if eating in the dining room, no shorts anytime, kaki pants, decent tops (no tank or spaghetti straps), and Capri’s.  Most people changes clothes after leaving dining room.

16.   Shorts, tank tops, and swimming suits with cover ups are okay for the Lido deck

17.   Shorts

18.   Capri’s

19.   Jeans

20.   Light jacket

21.   Sweater or light jacket. Make sure you have something for formal night as well (dining room and some lounges can be cold from air conditioning.

Miscellaneous Packing List Ideas

1.   Cell phone & charger (remember, extra fees apply on board)

2.   Camera & charger.  Memory cards.  (I will take my laptop and download my memory card to computer)

3.   Underwater cameras if going snorkeling, etc.

4.   Hand radio’s the 3 mile ones work fine on the ship

5.   Nightlight or small flashlight (esp. good if you have an indoor cabin.)

6.   Steamer (irons aren't allowed, small steamers are easy to pack and work like a charm)

7.   Downy Wrinkle Release

8.   First aid kit

9.   Prescription meds each of you may be on. Keep in original bottles

10.                     Reading material if you like to read and relax

11.                     Garbage bags (good for wet items on return trip and dirty laundry to keep off clean)

12.                     Playing cards (although you can get these from the pursers desk)

13.                     Highlighter (great for highlighting the capers for the next days events), Regular pen.

14.                     Empty tote bag if you plan on buying lots of things in ports

15.                     Nail polish and remover (I just have my nails done before we leave--it eliminates this)

16.                     Small journal for notes.  If you take laptop keep journal on there.  Makes great sharing because if this goes over well we will do this annually but different ships.  The website will be upgraded and we will have a spot to share our stories on.

17.                     Plenty of 1's for tipping.  Gratuities are added to everything EXCEPT for room service

18.                     Sunglasses

19.                     Battery alarm clock (small one) more reliable than the wake up calls

20.                     Meds for sea sickness-see first aid list

21.                     Hat if you need one.  But remember it gets WINDY on deck so you could lose it.

22.                     Snorkel/mask (some people prefer buying their own. Only needed if doing a snorkel excursion)

23.                     Fe-breeze (Rooms can get stuffy after a few days.

24.                     Perfume/Aftershave

25.                     Lint brush

26.                     Electric razor (him), disposables (her)

27.                     Hair brush, comb

28.                     Hair spray, hair gel

29.                     Shampoo (they have shampoo on the boat in a dispenser in the shower.  I just take conditioner)

30.                     Toothpaste, toothbrushes

31.                     Post it notes (Great for leaving room steward notes)

32.                     Lanyards (for s&s card)

33.                     Deodorant

34.                     Make up

35.                     Sun tan lotion and after sun lotion

36.                     Q-tips

37.                     Duct tape (Yes we have used this)

38.                     Extension cord

39.                     Outlet adapter/power strip.  There is only one plug in, in the room.

40.                     Hand soap (they have bar soap)

41.                     Tiny bottle of hand sanitizer.  The one with a clip is wonderful you can clip to you and it is handy.

42.                     Body soap (They also have in the shower)

43.                     Plastic shoe holder for back of bathroom door (great for all those little bathroom things & cheap)

44.                     Large plastic cups with lids (great for taking drinks back to your cabin like lemonade)

45.                     Zip lock gallon bags (put anything that could leak in these and seal them before packing)

46.                     Towels (Yes, You can get them from Carnival BUT if you don’t return them you will be charged.  If you want your name embroidered on them let me know)

47.                     Credit cards, etc (I always make copies of all this and leave a copy locked up in a suitcase and a copy with a family member at home.  If you use the credit card for your S&S card it may be froze.  Also let your credit card companies know you are headed out of the country they have been known to freeze them as well)

48.                     Travelers checks-I also keep a list of the numbers with me and a list with family at home in case they are stolen or lost.  Make sure you keep the number to contact the company with you as well.

49.                     Personal items

50.                     Toe nail clippers and finger nail file

51.                     CAR AIR FRESHNER FOR THE BATHROOM

52.                     MONEY

First Aid Kit:

1.   Non-Drowsy Allergy Medication

2.   Multi purpose cotton rounds

3.   Antacid

4.   Anti-diarrhea meds

5.   Ace bandage

6.   Pepto-Bismol

7.   Waterproof tape

8.   Pain medication

9.   Q-tips

10.                     Latex gloves

11.                     Sea sickness meds

o        Meclizine

o        Phenergan

o        Ginger capsules (if you are motion sensitive start taking the month before 1 daily)

o        Dramamine

o        Sea bands

o        Peppermint candy

o        Lemon candy

12.                     Stool softener or laxative

13.                     Band aids

14.                     Allergy Cream

15.                     Anti Bacterial cream

16.                     2X2 sterile pad

  1. Chap stick
  2. Aloe lotion

A bad day at sea is better then a good day at work!