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Cruising Fun

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Service Tips

Service Tips


1.    Your cabin steward will come to introduce them self to you. Tip them on day 1 with something and then occasionally through the week, they often will give you extra special services or not charge you for certain things.

2.    Get to know your steward or dining waiters/waitresses, they are assigned to you for the entire week. If you learn about them, their country, families, etc, they often take extra good care of you

3.    Tell your cabin steward on day 1 if you want something special. Example: if you bring a collapsed cooler in your luggage and you want it kept with ice throughout the week, let them know when you tip them early on.

4.    Don't be afraid to ask for extra pillows or a blanket or whatever you need.

5.    When you board, your beds may not be made into a king yet, just remind your steward and it's usually done right away while you're off exploring the ship.  THIS IS WHERE A POST NOTE COMES IN HANDY AS WELL.  Give them a note as you ask them to remind them what room and what you want.  The first day is very busy and two in a twin bed is not all that great even for one night.

6.    If you have a bad experience with one of your main people (steward, waiter/waitress in dining room) the ones your tips are already applied to, go to the pursers desk at the end of the cruise and have that certain persons tip removed. (Careful about this one...they work hard and really deserve the tips...someone would have to be really awful before I'd even consider this BUT I have done it).

7.    Consider little gifts for steward to help with case issues such as phone cards that can be used in ports. (Remember many of them work on board to send money home to families and need to call home to talk to their families) Other things such as personal gifts from US, extra pop or alcohol that you have at the end of the trip, personal care items, etc)

8.    Remember, there's practically nothing the staff won't do for you. It's just a matter of what all and how much you're willing to pay for it and knowing the rules of the game like what's free and where it's ok to cut corners. Also, it's amazing how a few please and thank you's go with cruise staff.

9.    Leave your cabin steward little messages throughout your week. They clean your room while you are gone off enjoying yourself. I left ours a little note every day.... sometimes just saying, "you're doing a great job" or " I loved your last towel animal". By the end of the week, he was leaving us little notes too.... lol.

10.                       Make sure you use your extra lock and do not disturb sign when you are in your cabin sometimes you can’t hear the knock and they come in.  :o

A bad day at sea is better then a good day at work!